This is a story of one of my best friend. His name is Subhodoy Chakraborty. During his childhood, he was a very mischievous boy. He always wanted to play and never studied well. His father was a strict man and wanted his child to be good at all fields. He always scolded Subhodoy for his bad performance in school. In spite of all those scoldings, he never turned to the books.

One day, when Subhodoy was taking rest after playing, his father saw him and went to him. He politely advised his son that nobody can become successful until and unless he practices. Subhodoy started thinking about this and started studying.

Two weeks to maths exams and he finished his whole maths book twice. On the day of exam, he went and completed a three hours paper in just 2 hours and walked off.

After some days on the day of parents teacher meeting, Subhodoys father saw his progress report and slapped him in front of the principle. He asked him, from whom he copied, because Subhodoy had scored full in that exam. The principle called for the invigilator and verified but no cheating case was involved. His father was shocked but later praised him for his excellency.

After that incident, Subhodoy started studying and also scored a 90% in his 10th grade. He is a friend of mine.


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